God's Menagerie

God sent a man
     to warn a city
          great in its eyes.

But the man did not obey.

God sent a wind
     to smash the ship
          that harbored him.

The man did still not obey.
But the wind, and the sea,
     most certainly did.

God sent a fish
     to swallow the man
          who to death so swam.

The man grudgingly obeyed.
But the fish did with great gusto.

God sent a plant
     to shade the man
          from the day's hot sun.

The man was thankful.
And the plant obliged.

Then God sent a worm
     to chew the plant
          so it would die.

The worm did so obey.
And the man, beat to a faint
     by the sun, and again the wind,
          finally joined God’s obedient

In the end,
     God always
          gets His way.

Jonah 1-3

*The fact that Jonah, the author, could
pen such a lesson learned at the very end
of the book, shows that he, the man in the
book did ultimately come to obey God, not
only in deed, but also in heart.

Included in the Parade of Prophets 3

by J Alan R
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