Good Soldiers
"Foolishness, foolishness,"
their fears chided.
"Take that beach!"
was their command.

So, with hopeful hearts
and rifles ready raised,
the faithful fighters forged,
storming the sandy shore,
Knowing that deadly devils,
bullets bent on bleeding,
tarried trenchside for the time
to wound the waves of war.

Good soldiers
one and all
Good soldiers
destined to fall
Good soldiers
devoted to the call.

The bullets of combat
rained down that day
And with their earthly lives
the highest price they paid.

The same can be said
of those whose cause is Christ--

The arrows of persecution
may thunder, hail and ice
But for our eternal lives
it is He who paid the higher price.

Good soldiers
one in aim
Good soldiers
destined for shame
Good soldiers
devoted to His name.

2 Timothy 2:3,4;
Matthew 8:9

by J Alan R

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