Gotta Go!

Gotta go!
Gotta kingdom to build
The boss is calling me
My help he wants to see.

The foundation is set
The boss did that
Long before I hired on,
I'm just glad to carry on.

The walls are going up now
The boss does those as we go
Setting each stone precisely in its place,
I wipe the mortar from every rocky face.

Windows and doors are going in too
The boss does those as well
Cutting each to fit oh just so,
I hold the boards don't you know.

And the roof goes on tomorrow
The boss is ready to raise that soon
For the King is set to reign,
And I have nothing to complain--
For it is an honor you see
Thanks be to Thee
I have the most important job of all
To help The Boss with His Kingdom Call.

Gotta go!

Ps. 127:1;    Mt. 7:21;    Jn. 5:17-20;
1 Cor. 3:9;   Eph. 2:19-22;  4:11-13;
Rev. 1:16; 11:15

by J Alan R
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