Grateful to a Fault

For little more
     than that we feed
          and give them shelter,
Dogs endlessly wait
     for us to come back
          from wherever we've gone,
               and are overjoyed to see us
                    no matter how long.
Dogs always fetch
     about anything we throw
          and drop it near our feet,
               breathless but never tired,
                    ever ready to repeat.
Dogs come when we call
     turning their heads toward us,
          cocking to one side or the other,
               ears twitching to understand,
                    nothing is ever a bother.
Dogs stay at our side,
     even chasing ambulances,
           or hearses taking us home,
                as if they could join us there
                     in kingdom come.
Would it were we were
      more like our dogs to God,
           eternally grateful to a fault,
                pleasing to our last breath, and
                     faithful, no matter what.┬╣

┬╣inspired by "What a Dog Taught Me About
God," by Phyllis Shomaker

by J Alan R
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