Growers of Good Fruit

From seed to tree,
The ultimate goal
     of a grower of fruit
Is good fruit,
     large, delicious
          and so abundantly.

From dead soul
     to glory,
The ultimate goal
     of the Grower of souls
Is also good fruit,
     loving, faithful
          and overflowing.

From the tree,
     the grower of fruit
Longs to see
     apples, pears, plums,
          figs and berries so blue,
     apricots, bananas, cherries
          and even peaches, too.

From the soul
     brought back to life,
The Spirit longs for
     love, joy, peace,
          patience and kindness full,
     goodness, faithfulness
          gentleness and self-control.

Regular pruning, watering
     and tending the soil,
Nurturing growth in
     the full of a radiant sun,
          exercising much patience,
     gives the grower much delight,
         rewarding his persistence.

Regular assuring, comforting
     and guiding the soul,
Counseling growth in
     the presence of the Son,
          patiently interceding,
     gives the Grower such pleasure,
          rewarding His persevering.

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by J Alan R
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