Happy Day
Weep, brothers and sisters, weep!
When memories pass down the streets
        of your new vagabond mind,
Reminding your heart and soul
        from where you are being taken.

Pause along the way of your exodus!
At the edge of the river roaring
        all red, white and blue,
And sing those sweet songs
        your forefathers sang to you.

Pray with ardor when you finally see!
What's looming on the horizon's shadow,
        the new digs of your captivity,
Where so little resembles so little
        of what you once called home.

Commit to forever and ever remember!
Never forget who brought you first
        to the land of milk and honey,
And Who it will be to bring you back;
        what a happy day that will be.

Psalm 137

by J Alan R

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