He Will Give

In the market place,
The Lord of All
Allowed a thief
     to grab two baskets full
          and run far away.
When the robber
     got to his hiding place
          he found he took figs.
One basket
     had very good figs,
          so good to eat,
Whom the Lord said
     He sent out
          for their own good.
The other 
     had very bad figs,
          no one would eat,
Whom the Lord said
     He drove out
          to be a reproach.

Of the figs that tasted good,
The Lord of All
Said He would someday
     bring them back and
          plant them once again;
He would give them
     a heart to know Him,
          that He is God.
But of the figs
     that tasted so bad,
          He would scatter wide
And let their hearts
     to be stones not thrown
          far enough away.

Jeremiah 24

by J Alan R
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