Hearts After His

The world raises an eyebrow
When it hears God and His own
   call a chief murderous adulterer
       a man after His own holy heart.
Is it because King David's heart was
   like that of His God Almighty, or
       was it more like, despite his flaws,
           his heart wanted to be like God's?
David, not just a king of antiquity,
   but a flawed man, like you and me,
       chasing after a God he can't see,
          but feeling each beat deep in Thee.
Much courage David did not possess
   but took cover for as much as needed
       in God, His Rock and safe Fortress.
Like any sheep grazing in the fold
   it's important to see the staff clear
       and to keep both eyes on the Lord.
Knowing beyond any shadow's doubt,
   finding your way in the deepest dark,
      requires the Lord's light more devout.
David's strength did not him qualify,
    to fully shield him from his enemies,
        it was in God his power did multiply.
David anchored his trust not to man,
    he knew upon Whom to link his faith,
        relying on the Ruler of in Me you can.
God does not look at what man eyes,
    it's hearts after His he does prize.

1 Samuel 16:7

by J Alan R
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