Heaven's Window

Heaven's window¹ is wide open
    as God's grace pours through,
Like the midnight sun shining,²
    it washes all the dark away.

God alone does the honors,
    the opening and closing, and
All the pouring too, but we
    must choose in faith to let its
      waves carry us further away.

God's grace is our chance
    to let go of our will, and be swept
Away in the embrace of His,³
    ready to release our grip on this
     world's dark illusion, and in faith
       fully accept the reality that is His.

¹The Hebrew imagery of the "windows
of heaven" opening always seems to
convey a sense of abundant outpour-
ing, whether in torrents of rain, ex-
treme judgment, plenty of food, or a
profusion of blessings. In every ins-
tance, God is the One who can open
and close such a window.

²Midnight sun...when the sun appears
at midnight, when the sky is normally
a vast darkness. This particular shin-
ing is most visible for six months a
year at the Article Pole, and as far
south as Northern Norway.

³"God's grace is the opportunity to
abandon our will so that we can em-
brace His." Billy Holland

by J Alan R
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