Hezekiah's Unexpected Joy

Truly thankful to God
     for his extra fifteen years,
King Hezekiah's reaction
     to the news of the pain
          he would long endure,
Was not what most would expect.

Hear the word of the Lord,
     said the prophet Isaiah:
          your wealth will be carried off,
               there will be nothing left;
          and sons that you will beget
               will be carried away as well;
          all your treasures will be taken
                far from you forever.

To these King Hezekiah said with joy:
     this word of God you have shared,
          is well and good, for there will be
               at least there will be peace and
                    truth throughout this hard land.
God is doing a great work! He said,
     Praise be to God!

Isaiah 38 and 39

by J Alan R
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