His Love Alone

Anger may look so big and bad,
     and hate may make you sad,
But neither has the soul power
     to truly make you mad.

Anger is merely the gloves
     one who wants to box wears
          and straps them up oh so tight.
Hate is more like a fist
     always cocked and ready
          in search of any reason to fight.
Mad is the choice we make,
     how we do choose to respond,
          out of our dark or in His love light.

Step from the boxing ring
     he who has chosen to be your foe
Has secretly imagined
     to take you on toe to toe.

And from the ring's apron,
     instead of the elusive ropey rings,
Hang on to God's long robe's train,
     letting His love alone be that
          to which all hope clings.

Proverbs 15:1
Romans 12:17-19
1 Peter 2:23

by J Alan R
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