Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy is a flame...

At once like a campfire
  that draws you ever near with
     the promise of a crackling warmth,
And a roaring furnace
  that warns to keep a distance,
     lest you be so fiercely consumed.

Holy, Holy, Holy is God¹²
  who created us to be with Him
     to have breakfast forever on a beach,³
And yet because of sin
  our fishing nets will stay empty
     and no closer to shore will we ever sail.

Unless God Himself
   invites us to come ashore
      to eat with Him a morning feast.
Truth be told to all hungry,
   the Holy Son of the Holy God,
      waits with a campfire and fish on it.

Isaiah 6
Mark 1:24
Luke 5:8
John 21

¹Bob Deffinbaugh, "The Holiness of God"
²Richard Lints, "The Holiness of God"
³Shawn Lazar, "Breakfast on a Beach"

God's Holiness is at once attractive and
dangerous, and Holy, Holy, Holy means
God (3 persons in 1) is Really, Really,
Really Holy.

by J Alan R
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