Holy Spirit Express

All aboooooard?

The Holy Spirit Express is set to depart,
     leaving behind what the world so values,
          and headed for those God cherishes most.

Please, stand clear of all closing doors.

Tickets, please!

First stop, Blessed are the Poor in Spirit,
     who know you need a savior,
          the kingdom of heaven
               is sure to be yours.
Blessed are Those Who Mourn,
     who desire to repent, already
          weeping for your crimson debt,
               comfort will be found
                    in forgiven sin.
Blessed are Those Who are Meek,
     beyond heart kind, sweet in spirit,
          you will inherit the earth
               and rule alongside
                    the returning King.
Blessed are the Hungry and Thirsty
     for Righteousness, who so want
          to be more like Jesus,
               you will be fulfilled,
                    and so satsified.
Blessed are the Gracious and Merciful,
     who have it in them to spare
          the pain others deserve,
               you will be in turn
                    so spared.
Blessed are the Pure in Heart,
     hearts that chase God's own,
          you will sure see Him
               face to face.
Blessed are the Peacemakers,
     seekers of harmony for all,
          you will be called
               sons of God.
And Blessed are the Persecuted for
     Righteousness' Sake, doing
          what is morally right,
               your reward in heaven
                    will be great.
But piteous are those who board,
     heartily welcome though you be,
          who are rich in more than spirit,
               who are quite comfortable,
                    who lean to wilful be,
                         whose stomach's full,
                              who tend to judge,
                                   whose heart's divided,
                                        who fold their arms,
                                             and who've known
                                                  little trouble for what
                                                       they claim to believe,
Your train ride,
     though not likely
          to go off the rails,
May, in fact, have
     a few extra depots
          along the way.

Matthew 5:1-12

by J Alan R
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