How Dare

If you died with Christ
Upon the craggy cross at Calvary,
And you now live with Him
By faith in forever forgiveness,
How dare
When He says it is finished
You wonder why it doesn't always seem that way,
When He says you are a new creation
You ask why then does the old you keep showing up,
When He says the truth will set you free
You say you feel anything but,
When He says there is now no condemnation
You cling to shreds of guilt and shame,
When He says there is a right spirit now inside
You still wage battles well deep within,
When He says your sins are forgiven, once for all
You question if that's true for ALL you've done and are still to do,
And when He says it is a gift of God, not of works
You keep looking for deeds upon which you can boast.

How dare,
He said it all
When He wrapped His arms around you at the crown of Golgotha,
And guided you step by step to the foot of His empty garden grave:
Everything that was you has been nailed to the cross.
For it is no longer you who lives,
But me, inside. 
Everything that will be you has been set free
For it is no longer I alone who lives,
But we, side by side.

by J Alan R

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