How Merciful?

Love of My life,
     you are dirty.
You traipse after
     other lovers,
          and eat their
My heart hurts,
     so bad.
Your faithfulness
     is like a morning cloud
          that promises shade
               from mid-day sun,
But then, quietly, wisps away.
You invite lovers to lay
     between your breasts,
          but you do not prosper.
And you eat your fill of them
     but never get enough.
You do not direct your deeds
     by what I decide,
          because you do not
               know Me.
Your pride testifies as much
     to My very face.
Return to Me,
Though like paper,
     I have torn you,
          I alone can mend.
Though like fruit,
     I have stricken you,
          only I can tend
               your bruises.
On the third day,
     I will raise you up
          Once for all.
Turn to Me,
     turn from your men.
And re-turn,
     believe in Me.
I desire mercy,
     not sacrifice,
But sacrifice I will
     to show just how

Hosea 2:5, 7, 13, 3:1

Included in the Parade
of Prophets 5 collection.

by J Alan R
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