I Am Not Just Going

When they heard He was going,
     the one they left everything to follow,
They were filled with confusion.

When they heard He would die,
     the one they loved with their all,
They were filled with fear.

 And when their hearts were troubled,
     Jesus sought to comfort them,
As their eyes filled with tears.

I am going
     to make a place for you in Heaven.
I am going,
     but I will come back to get you.
I am going,
     but I will give you another guide.
I am going,
     but I have meantime work for you.
I am going,
     but I will hear and answer prayers.
I am going,
     but my peace I will leave with you.
I am going,
     but it's a good thing, please rejoice!

And better than that, behind all that,
Having now walked so close with Me,
Know that having seen My earthly face,
You too have seen the face of God.

You see,
I am not just going,
I Am.

John 14

by J Alan R
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