I Really Gotta Know This

I gotta know this, God!
I really gotta know this,
  not just for knowledge in my head,
      or even a good feeling in my heart.
Your word is not just
  letters and words on paper printed,
    or a book of mere words and sentences,
      or beloved stories from days gone by.
Your word is You, Dear Lord,
  living and breathing and waiting
    to send us marching into the breach,
      like a king issuing a fervent battle cry.
I gotta know You!
I really gotta know You!
I don't just want to know
 that You washed Your disciples’ feet,
Like Peter, I want You to wash
  my hands and head as well.
I don't just want to know
  that John laid his head on Your chest,
I want to feel Your warmth
  and hear Your heart beat in my ear.
I don't just want to know
  You're making a place for me in Heaven,
I want to see You face to face,
  I want to be held in Your loving embrace.
I don't just want to know
  You're going to come back
    to take me to be where You are,
I want to be with You forever now.
  Come, Lord Jesus! Come!

Alas, Abba, Father
  not my will, but Yours be done.

John 13-17
Mark 14:32-36

by J Alan R
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