If He Came Today
If He came today
Turning water into wine,
Would we notice?

If He came today
Healing the sick, and
Giving sight to the blind,
Would we regard Him

If He came today
Calming storms, and
Walking on the sea,
Feeding thousands with
        a small boy's lunch,
Would He make the 

If He came today
Raising and rising
        from the dead, and
Saying He's not just
        the Way, but the 
                Great I Am,
Would we worship Him?

If He came today
        How'd it be different?
Why wouldn't we 
        also see it's better
                for the one to die
                        for the many?

Truth be known, 
If Jesus came today
        it'd only be to take us 
Because He's already
        come and gone,
He already died once
        for all. 

If He came today
        That'd be "a ok,"
Come Lord Jesus, 
        Take us away.

by J Alan R
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