In Search of Higgs

An invisible energy
     throughout the universe,
An unseen mass itself
     holds together everything,
          from Quarks and even smaller
               to the Hercules-Corona Borealis,
Having the look of empty space
     between particles sub-atomic
          and stars shining in the skies,
               both microscopic and galactic.
Scientists call it Higgs.¹

The space is not empty,
     it is matter, it has weight,
But how it is so seen
     gives it its proper name,
          how it is by some regarded
               gives it other worldly fame:
It is either that which imbues
     the universe with mass,
Or it is spirit, not invisible,
     which gives everything life.
I say, "Hey God!"

Genesis 1

¹Higgs Boson and the Higgs Field, respectively,
a single particle and a mass such particles
comprised, as referred to in Particle Physics...
otherwise derisively referred to as 'the God

by J Alan R
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