In the Upper Room

In the upper room,
     Jesus, for whom we left every thing
          followed His every step, and hung
              upon His every word,
       Washed our dirty feet.
       Said one of us would betray Him.
       And said our leader would deny Him,
          not once, but times three.
       We were confused.
       Wouldn't you be?

In the upper room,
      He told us He would be leaving,
          and that we couldn't follow just now.
      He said He would soon be killed,
          and that those who hated Him so
               would hate us as well.
      We were scared.
      And He could tell.

In the upper room,
      When He knew we could bear
          no more,
      When His efforts to soften the blow
          were of little to no use,
      When our confusion and fear was
          giving way to sorrow,
      He led us to the garden of hope.
      He fed us the stuff of faith.
      He said what needed saying,
           even though we couldn't hear
                all He saith.

In the upper room,
      Three days after being crucified,
      Jesus rose from the dead and met
           us where we hid,
      Wiping away forever the tears
           of weeping and lament,
      And replacing all sorrow
           with a joy that would last us
                years beyond our years.┬╣

John 13-17

┬╣Jesus promised us we would see Him again,
and we did, indeed. He made the same
promise when He ascended into Heaven, that
He would come back to take us, once for all,
back home. Joy will be upon joy when He
does it again. Amen?

by J Alan R
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