Integrous Man

Integrous Man...
...unable to splinter
towering cedars
with but a whisp
of his breath,
but knows Who can.
...humbly concedes
he is dust
a speck in time
soon swept aside,
but knows Who made him. weak to the touch
flesh that is soft
afraid of the pain
evil can bring,
but knows Who he is to fear.
...understands his wash
filthy rags
he cannot rinse clean
even for a cycle,
but knows Who loves him anyway.
...realizes he's lost
stumbling in the dark
along a rocky path
too blind to see,
but knows Who knows The Way.
...trampled by parades
of smiling imposters
idols in the sun
beckoning his worship,
but knows Who alone is worthy.
...spun like a top
out of control
glad hand offers
to lead the way,
but knows Who to trust.
...sees he's not home
an alien in this place
so close, so far
and oh, feeling so alone,
but knows Who waits for him there.
...and when all is said
it's not so much
what is known,
or who, but Whom
and whether he walks,
or not.
Integrous Man
Knows Who
Fears Who
Loves Who
and follows Who
all in all
to the end.

by J Alan R

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