It Hates Him

Has He been with
     so long, and still
          He is not seen?

What about light,
     from the beginning,
          to see anything at all?

What about the word,
     what was said from the start,
          Who continues to speak even today?

And what about love,
     sent into the world that
          we might love and be loved?

Do we not see much
     and yet believe in the
          effects of their presence:
               wind, gravity and magnetism,
          thoughts, feelings and smell,
     electricity, internet and energy,
Why then exclude only God?

Imagine the danger
     of choosing to not believe,
          to ignore the reality of gravity?

Seeing is not
     the only path
          to believing.
Many saw plenty
     and still chose to
          not do so.

Is it more truth
     that not believing
          is not wanting to?

It is easier
     for some to
          buck the Creator
               and make themselves

Jesus was here,
     is it so hard to
          deny what He
               had to say?

Blessed are those
     who believe who have
          not seen, and now know
               the kingdom is not just near?
It's here.

Those who see no soul
     in the world on whole,
          ignore what's inside,
               the very breath of God.

Jesus said, hearing
     is the highway to faith,
          God still speaks, has lots
               to say, if only we'll listen.

A man who stands
     in a lighted room, can
          still claim it is so dark.

Consider the magnificence
     of what we can see and believe,
          behold seas, mountains, and skies,
               the universe even, tells no lies.

The key to the door
     of belief is faith, not sight.
He who clings only
     to what his eyes betray
          depends alone on his might.

If Jesus sang
     this world's song,
          throngs would rush
               to sing along.
But since He sings
     a tune the world hates,
          because His light shines
               on its sin hiding in the dark,
It hates Him.

John 3:8, 7:7, 14:9
John 20:21, 25,29
Genesis 1:2-3
1 John 4:9
Romans 1:20, 8:7, 10:17
2 Corinthians 5:7
Hebrews 1:11

by J Alan R
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