Jesus, Thank You for the Car

Jesus, thank you for the car,
But what I really, really need now is
An extra steady hand on the wheel
To steer to where I've never been
And couldn't get there on my own,
No matter if I, even if I...went it alone.

I'm at the intersection to everywhere,
Looking only for the kingdom without end.
Do I turn right, left, or go straight ahead?
Down which of these many roads must I sped?

The time has come to stop driving down dead ends,
Toward kingdoms that just do not last.
Mile after mile, I need you, Jesus
And day after day, all the rest of the way,
This time by nothing but faith do I go
With me at the wheel just for show.

John 14:6-7, Matthew 6:33-34,
Genesis 12:1-5, John 15:5-8

 by J Alan R

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