Johnstown Flood

Lake Conemaugh, of Pennsylvania legend,
was quite a sight to behold, but not so
far removed from its resplendent beauty
were more than a few cracks in the little
dam that made her such an angler's treasure.

Problem was, when the cracks did first
appear, as long as the skies stayed dry, it
was thought there was nothing to fear, and
warnings came and went, yet sail boats
continued the lake's waters to ply.

Then the rains came, extraordinary heavy,
and the lake climbed higher up the little
dam's walls, leaking out through cracks
heretofore ignored. So stressed was the dam,
wary eyes now saw only tragedy.

The waters topped the walls, and the dam
into a million pieces broke, maybe more,
and then the lake poured out, crashing down
the sleepy river valley, flattening all in
its path, and sweeping forth to oblivion.

Woe Johnstown! You never saw it coming,
but you knew full well it would some day.
Perhaps the lesson learned here, if any,
is to live not in homes or towns downriver
dams that cannot withstand acts of God.*

Proverbs 29:1
Amos 3:6b
Luke 13:1-5

*the culprit blamed for the disaster caused
by the Johnstown flood

by J Alan R
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