Just Talk

I long for the time when
   you lose complete sight of me,
       and Him through me is all
          you see.
He has been with Him, I
   want to hear you say, a life
       lived following none but the
No dust will cover me
   head to toe, from walking
      too close behind all His
But through my words
   you will hear Him calling,
       and in my acts feel His
He chose me to follow,
   and through me He desires
       you as well to feel His deep
I still have so far to go,
   not nearly the Who I must be,
       parts of me still won't just
          let go.
At the center of my hope
   I know Who lives inside me,
       and by Him like Christ I can
So with me be patient,
   and know with Him I do walk,
       my becoming is more than
          just talk.

Acts 4:13

by J Alan R
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