The Promised Land
Though he could not breathe
in the air of that day,
Abraham knew soon enough
I'd be standing there,
And rejoiced in hope
I most certainly would.

Though he stood in the land
as promised true,
Abraham knew in the end
it was going to be Me,
And that by faith alone
before he was, I Am.

Though he saw in the sky
more than aplenty,
Abraham knew what was sworn,
his sons and daughters
Would fill the earth,
because in Me
they would believe.

The Promised Land
Though not a land at all;
But I say to you,
And beckon you
It is a promise

Hebrews 11:1; John 8:56
Genesis 12:1; Genesis 12:7
Genesis 15:5; Genesis 15:18
Genesis 17:8; Romans 11:26
Galations 3:8; Galations 3:16

by J Alan R

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