Let Us Travel It

Jesus said believers in Him will be:
  indwelt by the Spirit of God,
    clothed with the Power on High.

We have the Power of God
  in us, upon us, and with us.

Shouldn't we take Him at His word?
Shouldn't we use that power to do His

Living life for God is not accomplished
  by the fleshy costume we wear.
Every second, every day, we must choose
  between relying on the strength of
    our dirt-ball bodies or the power of     
      the Holy Spirit to live our lives for God.

Therein is the mystery and the truth:
  What is supernatural can only be
    accomplished by the supernatural.

This is the only path to a better country,
  a heavenly one.

Gentlemen, let us travel it, shall we?

John 14:15-26
Luke 24:49
Hebrews 11:16

by J Alan R
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