Like Your Very Next Breath

If you hear or learn nothing else,
     know this:
From before the beginning,
From the foundations of the earth,
The Creator of everything sits above
     and looks upon it all.

Like a curtain, with His arms open wide,
     He stretched out the heavens above.
Like a tent, with sure and steady hands,
     He spread the skies to dwell beneath.
Like a bowl, in the cup of His palms,
     He measured out all the waters seen.
Like a scale, in the strength of His arms,
     He weighed every hill and mountain.

Who taught Him knowledge and wisdom?
     He is knowledge and wisdom.
Who showed Him all understanding?
     He is understanding.
Who instructed Him about justice?
     He is justice.
Who counseled Him in the way of love?
     He is love.

We are as small particles of dust
     He has carefully counted out.
We are as drops in a deep bucket
     He has drop by drop poured out.
We are as seemingly nothing that
     He still looks down upon in love.
Even our nations are as tiny beads
     He strings together on a bracelet.

Lift your eyes on high
     and see Who created all things.
Lift your voices on high
     and praise Who made everything.
Lift your hands on high
     and worship Who calls us by name.
Lift your hearts on high
     and love Who already loves you.

Now you have heard.
Now you know.
Your Everlasting God, Lord, and King,
Wait on Him
     like your very next breath
          depended on it.

Isaiah 41

by J Alan R
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