The Real Line
The real line down the middle
of the road in this life

Is not if you hand ten spots, or not,
out to panhandlers at intersections.

It's not if you give Big Macs, or not,
to homeless persons outside McDonald's.

It's not if you let other drivers, or not,
cut in on you on freeways.

It's not if you donate clothes, or not,
to Goodwill stores.

It's not if you feed the hungry, or not,
with your church at soup kitchens.

It's not if you sponsor a child in a foreign
country, or not, through United Way.

It's not even if you regularly tithe, or not,
where you worship.

The real line down the middle of the road

Is when whatever, whenever,
wherever, and whysoever

You do these and more for the least of these,
You do them for Jesus, 

or not.

Matthew 25: 31-46

by J Alan R

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