Living Life with Immanuel

To us His Son was given
Lord and Savior of the world,

The world will be from then on
     upon His shoulders,
Ruling from David's eternal throne
     for those who believe on His name.

And as needed,
He will be a wonderful Counselor,
     guiding what we say and do,
A mighty God, powerful protector,
     stalwart warrior on our side,
An everlasting Father, Abba,
     His forever children are we,
And Prince of peace, at the ready
     to comfort and to calm.

Living life with Immanuel*,
Which aspect of Him do you need today?
Who do you most need Him to be right now?
For He is all in all, and
Each one as well.
Please, my brothers and sisters,
     pray tell.

Isaiah 9:6
John 15:4-7

*Immanuel: God with us
**Yashab: us with God

by J Alan R
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