Stuck in Lodi, Again*
*(my apologies to Lodi, again)

He writes Christian poetry...
He hears from God, you say
"I wish I could be as much,
So used of God, today!"

Truth is, my friends
I'm stuck
Stuck in Lodi,
(sorry Lodi)

I gave me.
He broke me, as He should
To use me,
And it hurt me, as it should
And I cried me,
So He stopped me, as He must.

An earthen pot,
Cracked too much
To be of any worldly use,
But not enough
For His great plan.
I'm stuck, my friends
In between,
Stuck in Lodi, Again.

I can't stay here, 
God forbid,
But it's where I know:
And ready, set...
But too afraid
To just let go.

Out of gear
With the cogs of this earth,
But, not in gear
With God's--
Such a tragedy, 
But I take comfort knowing
I'm not alone.

We must give again
To He who matters most,
And again tomorrow
Day after day,
Embracing instead
With all our might
What our flesh does dread.

 by J Alan R

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