Looking Back (at the History

of the Christian Church)*

forgetting what lies behind,
and looking to truths ahead,
we accept the upward call
in the power of Him within

so what of looking back,
if it is to be so forgotten?
in the end, all that matters
is a striving for the prize

witness eyes can save us
from carrying extra weight,
what they saw in their race
can help us more freely run

it is not the history of man
that we need to look past,
but our own clinging sins
that tangle our every step

it is important to know salt
at times did lose its flavor,
and that light did so dim
even saints couldn't see

two-thousand years plus
is two-thousand years, why
take any chance at all
reliving our fathers' sins?

many an enemy has lived
to see God's people die,
most attack from outside,
but plenty come from within

lessons learned, just in time
allowed pieces of the church
to survive its darkest days,
and will so prevail again

Philippians 3:12-14
Hebrews 12:1

*history is so important,
it must be taken more than

by J Alan R
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