Loving Kindness in the Morning
When the blankets wrapped around me
Feel like Your arms 
Still holding me
From the night before.

When the pillow beneath my head
Feels like Your shoulder 
Still giving me rest 
From yesterday's cares.

When leaves gently rustling outside my window 
Sound like Your voice 
Whispering assurances "I'm still here."

When the sun lighting the corners of my room
Looks like Your love
Filling my heart up
To face a new day. 
When tears trailing down my cheeks
Feel like You washing away 
The blindness of night
So I can find my way.

And when finally rising from bed
Feels like Your strong hands 
Lifting me up
To stand and go forth.

I know Your lovingkindness in the morning
And Who will be with me whichever way
You have me walk.

Ps. 143:8

by J Alan R

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