Loyal to the Royal

Nobles, knights, and subjects too,
     in the time of Arthur,
Lived with great fealty
     the king's rule and rules,
Lived with great privilege
     to bring him only glory,
And lived ready to sacrifice
     even to their own end.

Called, chosen, and faithful true,
     in this here and now,
We too must each live
     under our King's¹ decrees,
Treat it as a great honor
     to praise and glorify His name,
And to deny ourselves,
     even to the crosses we carry.

Brothers and sisters, believing
     is not just about being saved,
          but more being loyal to royal too.

Isaiah 9:6-7
Psalm 45:6
Philippians 3:20
Revelation 3:21; 17:14; 19:16

¹Jesus is either said to be or referred
to as King more than 2,000 times

by J Alan R
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