Maker of All

Though created
     in the likeness
          of God,
It is not in man
     to direct
          his own steps.
They cut wood
     from a forest,
          even decorate it,
               then call it god,
But they must carry it
     because by itself
          it cannot go.
They beat silver
     into a plate,
          even polish it,
               and call it god,
But they must explain
     what it says,
          because it has
               no tongue.
They puff themselves up,
     dressing in purple
          even red,
               and say they're god,
But who among them
     can calm the sea,
          can wither a tree
               can set sinners free?
Behold! Says the Lord
     I will throw out this time,
You and the fashions of your hands
     who cannot make the heavens
          who did not make this earth.
I Am the Maker of all things,
     wood, metal and you,
          making and being god
               is not what I made you to do.

Jeremiah 10

by J Alan R
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