Man with a
Writer's Inkhorn
Before God
Stood one like a man
With a writer's inkhorn
At his side. 
Clothed in linen white,
With a strap of leather 
     over his shoulder draped,
Whatever God said
He would surely write. 

When it was time
He went ahead of 
The swords of judgement,
And marked 
Those who cried
And fell on their faces
Over the sin
That defiled the land. 
They were to be spared. 

Listen brethren!
The iniquity of this land
     is exceedingly great. 
Blood stains many hands. 
And the one like a man 
With a writer's inkhorn
Is about the business
     of marking foreheads. 
Won't you cry with me,
Before he reports to God
     his work is done?

Ezekiel 9

by J Alan R
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