The Naked Man

The naked man calls,
the naked man
calls for us
to be naked too.

Follow me, says He
all the way up
the cursed tree.

Take no pillow, no purse
water only for your thirst.

Say no byes, bury no dead
keep your eyes fixed ahead.

And proclaim the kingdom as you go
as if heaven ahead is all you know.

The naked man sends,
the naked man
sends us out
lambs among wolves.

They hated me, says He
they too will tear
your flesh free.

They'll gamble for your clothes
and batter bloody your nose.

They'll mock, spit and flog
and kick you like a dog.

But forgive them nonetheless
even as they hoist high your nakedness.

The naked man waits,
the naked man
waits for us
arms open wide.

Now go make disciples, says He
In my Name
You have been set free.

by J Alan R

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