Mantis Prays for Frog
From its knees in the bottom of a lab beaker
Filling slowly with acetone bent on dissolving,
Mantis clasps its front legs in fervent prayer
Not for its continued existence, but for Frog
Writhing nearby on a spiky patch of thistle,
With a branch of a shedding Bur Oak
Shoved up its butt and out its toothless mouth.

Praying claws and spasming legs in the throes,
Though from my cruel youth, haunt me this day
And remind me: all creatures great and small
The Lord God hath made them all...
Please pray for me today.*

Genesis 1:26
Proverbs 12:10
Psalm 50:10-11

*After all these years,
convicted by the Holy Spirit.

by J Alan R

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