May All of Me Be

Guilty as charged,
Living in comfort,
Praising our Savior
Who for us
Lived and died
In the greatest possible

Please Jesus,
     from now on,
          as You so live,
Let my feet
     take me where
          You want me to be. 
Let my legs
     support my obedience,
          standing firm all day in You.
Let my arms
     embrace all others,
          You loving them through me. 
Let my hands
     do all the work
          You give each day to do.
Let my mind
     be stayed on Thee,
          focused alone on just You.
And let my heart
     hurt with whatever
            so hurts Yours.┬╣

Matthew 16:24-26

┬╣taking up my cross, denying
myself, and following the Lord

by J Alan R
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