Mercy's Mad March

Fathers, if it were your children,
   looking at a forever in the dark,
       who couldn't help themselves,
And if it was only you who could
   make sure they had a chance to
      dance in eternity's longest light,
Who would blame you for pulling
   out all the stops every step along
      mercy's mad march¹ to Golgotha?
The days of Christ's cursed tree,
   and His dark and emptied tomb,
      appointments that just had to be;
Incredible favor to save His own,
   creative license to let live or die,
      the full price of sin must be paid.
In the end stands hope for us all,
   hope for a life beyond all our sin,
      in the arms of our eternal Abba.

Ezekiel 6:8-10
Romans 3:26

¹Many have sought to explain or even
justify God's violence in the Old Test-
ament. It has always been a stretch to
show how the anger of a judging God is
not inconsistent with the love of a
merciful and just God in the form of
Jesus the Christ.

God is love, first and foremost. You
must start there. He is good. He is
the definition of both love and good.
But He is also holy, and cannot do or
condone sin. Could the explanation be
that He is our Creator and can do what
He wants? Could it be we must simply
trust that God has His divine reasons,
and we are just not going to understand
why this side of eternity?

Could it be like when the rules are set
down by the school principal, and are
not for him or his staff, but only for
the students? Or could it be an incred-
ible mercy, a degree or level of mercy
that on the face seems harsh and aggres-
sive, but is in truth a huge nearly in-
describable gift from God.

Biblical mercy is first and foremost a
gift of love, a gift of goodness, a
gift of forgiveness, a withholding of
a punishment well deserved. It is a
grand act of leniency offered in the
complete absence of hope. The act of
mercy gives rise to the possibility of
a hope that was otherwise non-existent.

God's incredible mercy is a loving and
good mix of giving and taking life...
a benefit to those to which it is of-
fered, and a great glory to the Offer-
er of Impossible Hope.

God's incredible mercy, while beyond
what we can see or understand, is never
arbitrary or capricious. There is al-
ways a godly good goal in mind. What
if we looked at all God's actions in
the Bible through the lens of a father
trying to do what's best for his kids?

Wouldn't you do whatever it took to
make sure your kids were safe, had a
chance to succeed, and live to be the
loves of your grandfatherly life?

God does love us. He wants only the
best for us. And He's going to do what-
ever it takes for us to make it through
this worldly life and into His arms in
the eternal one to come. That's true
love. That's incredible mercy!

by J Alan R
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