Milestones Divine

We boldly behold the milestones¹
  over the course of our carnal lives,
Between birth and death:
  we cheer first words and steps
     take pics of the first day of school
        blow out candles at every birthday
           first job, first date, learning to drive
        graduation, leaving nest, new home
     go to college or start full time work
  get married and then raise kids
    spend a career toward retirement
        and prepare for the end and then...

But why do we not so embrace
  the milestones of gracious growth
Between rebirth and glory?
  awakening to the truth
    of the existence of God, as rising
      from a long night's sleep,
  desiring to seek only God
    like looking for food, nourishment
      after a long night's fast,
  believing God loves us so
    He would do anything to prove it
      like dying for a friend,
  wanting to be with others
    who similarly so believe the truth
      as if finding lost family,
  worshipping and praising
    lifting voices to the church's rafters
      thanking God for everything,
  being compelled to serve
    with a compassion for justice divine
      like life depended on it,
  realizing there's much more
    an emptiness that still needs filling
      a greater craving for God,
  an expanding sense of love
    like the light of the night giving way
      to the light of a new day,
  praying without ceasing
    forever petitions and supplications
      flowing without effort,
  letting go of everything
    becoming the self God intended
      as He made us to be,
  doing nothing but glorify
    where the heart full of God's love
      leads us to honor Him,
  abiding in the love of God
    as a welling spring of living water
      gushes from the deep of us.
Embrace these more, so much more,
  our path to Glory, Milestones Divine,
     led to by the Holy Spirit.

Leviticus 20:8
2 Corinthians 5:21
Hebrews 10:14
John 3:3
2 Peter 3:18
1 John 2:3-18
Romans 8:23-25
²plus so many more 

¹Milestones of Christian growth, being made
holy, in Jesus, through Jesus, and into the
likeness of Jesus, restoring the image orig-
inally created in Adam and Eve

²many Scripture and other writing by men of
God (special thanks to Pastor Chris Erdman,

by J Alan R
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