I have moles
     across my chest
          above both my eyes
               and beneath my chin.

For a long, long time now,
     they’ve been part of my skin,
And they've hung with me
     through my thick and thin.

They're not so nice to look at
     I must admit, so small and dark,
So round and brown, and not
     where I'd prefer they’d park.

They're a part of who I am
     they're what makes me me,
So don't say they be removed,
     for who then would I be?

Embracing my moles
     is embracing all of me,
Love me like God does,
     moles and all, you see.*

*we waste entirely too much time
trying to make others how we want
them to be, instead of simply cherish-
ing and letting us be how God made
us to be

by J Alan R
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