Moment by Moment

     for maximum flowering
          and a more than full fruit set,
Thinning excess foliage
     and picking off needless shoots,
Life-giving sap courses
     from vine to branch,
          through my many netted veins,
And from my stems,
     grow clusters full of plump and
          juicy grapes.
Moment by moment,
     let me receive and rest in
          and trust and so savor and
               enjoy the word, love and joy of
                    the Grapevine,
     while submitting willingly
          to the shears of the providence of
               the Dresser.┬╣

John 15...Christ's life and love flowing into
and through us on the inside, while being
conditioned and cared for by Father God on
the outside

┬╣Interview w/John Piper, "What Does It
Mean to 'Abide' in Christ?"

by J Alan R
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