Monsters are real,
Real as could be,
And scarey too,
For you and me.
And they like to hide,
One or more,
All shapes and sizes
And colors too,
Behind every door
In every dark shadow,
Even plain sight,
For just the right time
To bellow a boo:
"I'm gonna get you!"

 No use covering your eyes
And pretending them away,
'Cause when you look again
They're still in your way.
So what's a body to do?
How do you make them shoo?
Monsters come and go,
But it's the sword of the spirit
Held forth in your hands
To all fears you must show.
Speak the truth as it is written,
Stand in the light as shone,
And know that in every valley
You'll never be alone.

by J Alan R

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