More Than These
Jesus hung around to see,
Once He slipped behind the scenes,
If His disciples would fish for men
Like He trained them to be.

It did not pain Him, though
Because He already knew
After a time of hiding in fear,
Back to their boats they'd go.

Their empty nets he did spy,
"Cast your nets to the other side!"
And when they did almost break,
"It is the Lord!" Peter did cry.

Pointing to the fish still frying,
"Do you love Me more than these?"
Out of the blue Jesus asked me.
"You know I do," I answered,
        almost crying.”

My lambs are hungry.
Feed them, please.

Pointing to the fish once again,
"Son of Jonah, do you love Me?"
My Lord and Savior pressed.
"You know I do," I said;
        tears fell like rain.

My sheep are lost.
Please show them the way.

A third time the Lord Jesus asked,
"Simon, the Rock, do you love Me?"
And as my heart broke I knew
Casting nets for fish was not
        what I was supposed to do.

My friend, do more than just feed,
Give my sheep what they need.

John 21:15-17

by J Alan R
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