More Than a Must
Once a plane lifts off
The passengers surrender the flight, 
The last of their control...
When they sit in their seats.
Once the anesthesia kicks in
Patients surrender their surgery,
The last of their control...
When they lay down on the table.
Once the sun comes up
Once stuff starts rolling
Once the moon shines
We surrender the time,
The last of our control...
Letting go of the day,
And trusting 
A tomorrow will be.
Surrender is knowing
We don't know;
But surrendering to God is knowing
Only He does.
And on that we choose
To trust,
For He is before all,
And by Him all hangs.
That's why
Each day, all day
We seek Him in the secret place,
Because abiding there 
In all things is much
More than a must.

Colossians 1:17
Psalm 91

by J Alan R

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