Never Comes Back Empty

Don't we act a lot like Moses,
     minding our very own business,
          when God comes to call?
Don't we balk at first, even a bit,
     wondering if we're hearing right,
          if it's even God at all?
Don't we often ask, why me,
     questioning our own readiness,
          if we're up to the task?
Don't we make like pessimists,
     prodding how this can work at all,
          if you just consider the facts?
Don't we openly confess,
     admitting our lack of courage,
          if we have any to act alone?
And don't we then negotiate,
     hoping against all hope, if only
          He'd send another, we moan.

The answers are always the same:
     I AM WHO I AM,
               I WILL BE WITH YOU, AND
                    IT WILL BE MY HAND
                         IN YOURS THAT WILL
                              ACCOMPLISH IT ALL.
                                   NOW GO!

Why don't we listen?
     When will we learn?
          When will we just know?

In the end His Will and His Will alone
     will be done more than plenty.
When God stretches out His hand,
     it never comes back empty.

Exodus 3:11, 13; 4:1, 10, 13, 18-23

by J Alan R
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