Never Left Behind Again

His mother wrapped her infant Jesus
     in swaddling cloth and laid Him in a
Garments for the Son of Man,
     left behind by a boy since becoming a

His brothers wrapped their dead Lord
     in burial cloth and laid Him in a virgin
Vestments for the High Priest of God,
     left behind by the Lamb having been
          His own sacrifice.

His Father will wrap the Word of God
     in a robe dipped in blood and send Him
          on a cloud...
Gowns for God's Judge of Righteousness,
     to be left behind by a judge becoming
          the King of kings.

Jesus will wrap Himself as a bridegroom
     in a robe of white linen and welcome
          home His fair bride...
Suits befitting a marriage to last forever,
     not to be removed or left behind again,
          an eternal Heaven on Earth.

Revelation 1:7, 19:13
Revelation 21
Acts 1:9, 10:42
2 Timothy 4:1
Matthew 25:31-46

St. Gregory, 4th Century
St. Cyril, 4th Century

by J Alan R
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