New Names

New names,
Not as the world calls us,
But as God our Father names us
As believers in Jesus the Christ,
Calling out who we are to be
Before His throne:
Ambassadors for Christ,
Branches of the Vine,
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Children of God the Father,
Citizens of Heaven,
Disciples of Christ,
Elect, Holy and Beloved,
Friends of Christ,
Heirs of God,
Instruments for the Master's Use,
Jewels, Precious and Priceless,
Lights of the World,
Living Sacrifices,
Members of Christ's Body,
More Than Conquerers,
New Creatures in Christ,
Pilgrims and Strangers in This Land,
Redeemed Ones,
Servants of God,
Sons and Daughters of God
Stewards of God's Gifts,
Temples of God,
Vessels of Mercy,
And Worshippers of God.
New names for you and me
Please, don't consider it odd, 
They are what He wants us to be. 

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by J Alan R
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