Next to Your Beating Heart

This is the story of The Book,
Not just the best-selling
     publication of all time;
Not just the most influential
     book ever written,
          translated into more
               than half the world's
Not just its 66 books,
     written in 3 languages,
          by over forty authors,
               over 2,000 years time;
Not just literature 
     for the ages, poetry
          and songs, stories and 
               letters, and ancient prophecy;
Not just a history
     of God's chosen, 
          from the beginning 
               to an apocalyptic end;
Not just holy scripture
     churches choose to obey;
Not just a set of basic 
     instructions before leaving 
Not just an accounting
     of the fall and redemption
          of mankind, with promises to 
               make all things new;
Not just God's Word
     given by God to and 
          through broken men;
Not just God's revelation
     of Himself to His creation;
But God's living love letter
     expressing what He wants most
          for His more than precious kids,
A ready reminder of 
     His constant presence 
          even in the worst of times.
Have you read it?
     He'll read it with you.
          Hold it up where you 
               may treasure it most…
                    next to your beating heart.

Exodus 33:14
Joshua 1:9
Psalm 16:11
Isaiah 41:10
Matthew 28:20
John 14:23
Acts 3:20-21
Hebrews 13:5

by J Alan R
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